Rites of Passage Programs in Seattle

Rites of Passage Programs in Seattle

Rites of Passage Seattle Programs

Rites of Passage NW in Seattle

At Rites of Passage NW in Seattle, Wilderness Therapy, we have little doubt we will be able to assist your child not just with the immediate behavioral concerns but deal with any underlying issues that may be causing these concerns.

Wilderness Therapy in Seattle

What is changing however, are the methods of treatment. At Rites of Passage NW, our wilderness therapy in Seattle is as unique as the individuals who participate in our program.

Wilderness Therapy Programs in Seattle

At Rites of Passage NW, our wilderness therapy programs in Seattle may be the answer you are looking for.

Troubled Youth Programs in Seattle

Taking responsibility for the choices they make is a big step in the treatment process at Rites of Passage NW.

Programs for Troubled Youth in Seattle

Using the environment as a therapy tool, at Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy, your child will start off by learning and developing a mixture of hard and soft skills.

Camps for Troubled Youth in Seattle

Our wilderness adventures allow them the opportunities to use that responsibility wisely; while caring for their own shelter, water, healthy foods and navigation.

Programs for Troubled Young Adults in Seattle

At Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy, we offer programs for troubled young adults in Seattle to help address these behaviors.

Camps for Troubled Young Adults in Seattle

When behavioral or emotional problems are recognized either by a parent or the individual, just talking about it can certainly have it’s own challenges. Some parents may not be sure how to approach the situation with their teen.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy in Seattle

Through our ‘Rites of Passage’ approach, wilderness adventure therapy will empower our students to take responsibility in the preparation and cooking of their meals, ensure they have adequate shelter and learn to work as part of a team.

Wilderness Therapy for Troubled Youth, Teens and Young Adults in Seattle

Rites of Passage NW features wilderness therapy for troubled youth, teens and young adults in Seattle so that they may recover from life’s hardships and live a successful, happy life.

Wilderness Therapy for Substance Juvenile Delinquents in Seattle

Teenagers can be under a lot of stress, and sometimes under all of that stress, they buckle. Many teens turn to alcohol and drugs because they simply do not have the coping skills necessary to deal with stress in a healthy manner.>

Wilderness Therapy Treatment for Drugs and Substance Abuse in Seattle

There are few things that are harder for a parent than watching a child struggle. Teens undergo a lot of stress, at school and at home, but the stress that teens bear when they are addicted to alcohol and drugs can be nearly unbearable for both parents and the teen.

Wilderness Therapy Treatment for Anxiety in Seattle

For teens who do not have adequate coping mechanisms or life skills, not dealing with anxiety head-on can lead to a lifetime of avoidance, and not living life to the fullest.

Wilderness Therapy for Depression in Seattle

Depression is a serious and common problem among teenagers and if left untreated, can manifest into deeper problems, up to and including drug and alcohol abuse and even suicide attempts. Parents may not know where to turn when their child is depressed, and may feel helpless and discouraged. Parents may also feel embarrassed.

Wilderness Therapy For Oppositional Defiant Disorder – ODD in Seattle

Sometimes it is simply too much for parents to deal with teens that have anger problems, and they can feel helpless, with nowhere to turn. Often, weekly therapy and trips to the family doctor or pediatrician are a good start, but for some teens, it simply isn’t enough.

Wilderness Therapy For Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD in Seattle

When parents receive a mental health diagnosis regarding their child, they may not know what to do. Depending on the source, they may want to get a second opinion. They may be satisfied with the diagnosis and start therapy and/or medication immediately. They may realize that their son or daughter requires a deeper intervention.

Wilderness Therapy For Substance Conduct Disorder Treatment in Seattle

When a parent has a child that is going through tough times, it can be heartbreaking. When those tough times center around substance abuse, a parent can feel a full array of emotions, such as helplessness and anger. For some teens, school guidance counselors and weekly therapy sessions can help, but others need a strong intervention.