What is a Rite of Passage?

What is a Rite of Passage?

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People usually associate the term “rite of passage” along with the journey from puberty into adulthood. However, a rite of passage can mean many things. For us here at Rites of Passage, we equate it more with finishing an important journey or trek.

Rite of Passage

A rite of passage may seem initiatory with a ceremony, and Rites of Passage does value and honor that. Here, we also like to think of it as a crossing over into new territory. Many of the teens that come to Rites of Passage are troubled, and are struggling with the stress in their everyday lives. Here, we combine clinical, textbook therapy with wilderness therapy for extraordinary outcomes. We simply think of our main goal as helping kids make bad decisions.

Each teenager that “graduates” our program has completed their own personal rite of passage – every teenager is different, with different problems. This results in a different, individualized treatment plan for each student that comes to us. With a staff ratio of 3:1, we work closely with each child, helping them meet their personalized, individual goals. The student will learn more about themselves, their feelings and thoughts, and how better to act on them.

This “rite of passage” helps not only the struggling teen, but their families, and in turn, the community that they live in. We foster a caring, compassionate environment that we hope each student takes with them for the rest of their years.

To learn more about the Rites of Passage NW program, or to set up an appointment for consultation, please give us a call at (800)794-0980 to speak with a member of our staff. We want every teenager to be successful as they embark on a journey through their personal rite of passage.