Wilderness Adventure Therapy in Seattle

Wilderness Adventure Therapy in Seattle

The challenges endured by those unfortunate teens and young adults suffering from the clutches of substance abuse, depression and other emotional and behavioral disorders extend far beyond the individual themselves. On another level, the caring family around them also suffer when their attempts to help the person do not work. At Rites of Passage, we believe that removing these individuals from their current, self-destructive environment and offering them wilderness adventure therapy in Seattle will help.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy in Seattle

Showing them they have the strength, skills and ability within themselves to take responsibility for their actions.

Working with our in house professional therapists, an individualized treatment plan is developed which will include:

– Individual as well as group therapies and counseling
– A series of challenges that engage the students thought processes and behaviors both as individuals and in a group setting

– Engaging in therapeutic exercises such as self-reflection, journal writing and having meaningful communication with family through letter writing

– Participating in various outdoor adventures under the guidance of our qualified wilderness adventure leaders, exposing their skills and abilities to overcome the many natural and daily obstacles that are presented to them.

Through our ‘Rites of Passage’ approach, wilderness adventure therapy will empower our students to take responsibility in the preparation and cooking of their meals, ensure they have adequate shelter and learn to work as part of a team.

Combining the therapeutic components of wilderness adventure therapy with intense traditional therapies, we work with the student not only to change past behaviors but to discover any underlying factors that may have lead them to making poor choices.

At Rites of Passage wilderness adventure therapy in Seattle we offer these teens and young adults new challenges leading them to be self-reliant and have respect not only for themselves but for those around them.