“Hi Emma! Our boy is doing so well 6 months on from graduating ROP. He’s really enjoying school, has a large group of friends, & is passing all of his classes without an IEP or 504 plan. ROP was a wonderful experience for him. He’s come away with useful tools to deal with challenging situations, & he gained a lot of confidence scaling mountains & moving through the program, plus he really felt a connection w/several members of the group. There have been some situations this year where friends of his got into trouble & he made the right decision to not join them in mischief, &/or tried to talk them out of it, & I feel sure this is due to his experience at ROP. We have had to reign him in a bit, but I do feel the experience with ROP has helped the whole family in navigating through these difficult teen years! He is interested in coming back as a mentor this year, & I think it would benefit him as well. I also suspect that the experience will continue to bear fruit for years to come as he matures & reflects back on it. Hope you’re all well! Happy New Year!” ~ Grateful Mom from Olalla, WA

Testimonials “Things are going really well – WAY better than before. Not perfect but much better. [My son] spent 3 weeks with us this last break. He has become sweet, caring and respectful of the boundaries. We were clear on house rules. He complied and didn’t make a fuss at all. Said that he understood. We had a few conversations about it – He shared with me his life goals (has 5 – was good to see that). We talked about them – how does one go about achieving goals. We discussed how to measure / observe progress towards goals. His grades were all Bs – he said that he was wasn’t happy about it and planned to do better this quarter. So, that’s good.

We talked about his ROP experience and he was very positive about it – said that after ROP, he feels that he can overcome any difficult situation. Let’s see if he can continue to apply that to his addiction.

He was great towards his stepbrother (went on some activities with him), respectful and engaged with his stepmom and went to his little brother’s Ballet performance (Nutcracker) – something he wouldn’t have done at all 1 yr ago! He actually appreciated what his brother was doing. Overall, he was a pleasure to have around. Rest of the family is doing well – getting back in the groove after 2 weeks off from work!

Hope you all are doing well and your program is thriving. I see so many struggling teenagers and parents around me but they are not willing or are not able to do anything about it. I am so thankful that [my son] and all of his family had the opportunity to experience ROP (in our own ways). It was a life changer. I remind myself of where we were 2 yrs ago and where we are today – and it confirms to me that sending him to ROP was the best decision for [my son] (and his family)” Extremely grateful Dad, Portland OR
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