How long are your wilderness therapy programs?

Our programs last between six weeks and four months. We run a continuous-flow program, which means we are constantly enrolling new students and have weekly start dates throughout the year.

Do you have a minimum length of stay?

Yes, the minimum length of stay is six weeks. The shortest program we run is six weeks, and the reason behind this is that each student will typically have a “settling in” period that can last up to 14 days, while they come to terms with why they are here, what is expected from them and what they can expect from us. It is paramount for them to get to know and be comfortable with us since this is when positive, long-lasting and effective changes are made.

How much does your program cost?

The cost of our programs starts at $21,000. This includes all their equipment, which they will keep on graduation, and all their evaluations, tuition costs and individual therapy sessions. It also covers group and family therapy sessions. For more information on costs and what you can expect from our program

Do you accept medical insurance?

Yes, absolutely. While we do require payment in full by the start of the program (or downpayment with a financial plan in place), we do work with both you and your health insurance provider to recover and seek reimbursement of these funds. We have worked with a variety of insurance plans in the past and have ongoing relationships with many.

My teenager does NOT drink alcohol or do drugs, but has a variety of behavioral concerns. Which program would be best?

Struggling teens who are NOT struggling with chemical issues will join one of our behavior programs that focuses on developmental progress, biological conditions such as anxiety, anger and depression, and behavior disorders such as ODD and OCD, as well as academic catch-up classes (we run a full academic credit recovery program).

When are the next available start dates?

We run programs throughout the year except for Christmas through February, when we have deemed the weather to be too cold for a non-punitive program. For a full list of start dates please CLICK HERE

Is Wilderness Therapy beneficial for teenage girls?

Yes, absolutely! We run programs for both girls and boys, as well as co-ed adult programs. About one third of our students each year are girls, and with female counselors and therapists, they soon learn how to adapt to life in the great outdoors and be comfortable.

How will I stay in touch with my child while he or she is at wilderness camp?

Parents and students are encouraged to write letters to each other that are received, read and replied to each week. These letters can be fun, encouraging and therapeutic in nature.