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Rites of Passage as Featured by ATTN:

attn:Published: 11/09/2017 This hiking program is giving kids a second chance…

Using Nature To Help Heal

Kitsap SunPublished: 04/27/2015 By- Arla Shepard
KitsapSun.com – Therapy doesn’t have to take place on a couch or within four walls…

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Rites of Passage Offers Wilderness Therapy Programs

Published:05/01/2015 By- Arla Shepard

Mason County Life – A couple’s therapy program. Nathan and Emma Welch have founded Rites of Passage, a wilderness therapy program…
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Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy Programs for Troubled Youth Gives Back to the Olympic National Park in 2013

Published:04/11/2013 By- PRWEB

PRWeb logo PRWeb.com – Pioneers in the field of wilderness therapy for troubled youth has taken on a whole new dimension here at Rites of Passage NW….


Culture Dose [Local Heroes]: Rites of Passage, Saving Lives in Stunning Settings

Published: 02/07/2016 By- Corinne Whiting

Seattleite We are excited to announce a new Culture Dose column subset, “Local Heroes,” to showcase do-gooders in the Seattle area and their work within our community. Our first column features Nathan and Emma Welch, who founded Rites of Passage as a way to continue their shared commitment to community advocacy, giving back and local outreach.

Searching the Lost and Found

Mason County JournalPublished: 04/14/2016 By- Tom Mullen
Mason County Journal – They come to Pickering Passage by the dozens. Some under direction of the courts and others because their parents insist, but they share on thing in common…

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