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An Elite wilderness treatment Program set in the national parks of Washington and Oregon with a staff to student ratio of 1:3, this sets us apart from other programs. Our programs empower teens and young adults to break destructive habits, reconnect with their inner strength and resources, and make healthy choices. With our Wilderness Therapy Program for troubled youth located in the beautiful Olympic National Park, Washington, and Bend, Oregon, Rites of Passage creates life-changing experiences for good kids who are making bad decisions. Learn More. Insurance coverage may vary.  Programs Typically Run From 2-3 Months & Beyond

Emma Baynham and Nathan Welch co-owners. We’re based near Harstine Island just south of Belfair, WA

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You can apply online for our Wilderness Therapy, Beyond the Trek or Wellness Camp Programs

What is wilderness therapy? Can it help me, my child, my family, heal from destructive behavior and find new paths to health and happiness?

When you are struggling with the chaos of anxiety, depression, ADHD, substance abuse and other emotional and psychological challenges, it can be difficult to know which steps will take you in the right direction and which will take you further from yourself. We have created this resource to help you start to find your answers. You will find information on therapeutic options, holistic nutrition, diagnoses, aftercare, and much more. Wilderness therapy empowers individuals to start making good decisions; information is a step in the right direction.

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