The Bonnie Alaska Welch Children’s Foundation

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“It’s not length of life, it’s depth of life.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

In January 2012, Bonnie Alaska Welch died of SIDS. Though she had been with her loving parents, Emma and Nate, for just six short weeks, Bonnie left an indelible imprint on their lives and those of countless others. As they struggled with their overwhelming grief and tried to make sense of their loss, Emma and Nate were gripped with thoughts of what could have been. Then they began to wonder about what could be. What good could come from Bonnie’s short life?

Bonnie Alaska Welch

Emma and Nate created the Bonnie Alaska Welch Children’s Foundation to honor their daughter and to share her legacy of love. This fund is dedicated to helping young people find the support they need to turn their lives around and to empower them in recovery and self-discovery. We want to collect donations to go towards scholarships so adolescents and young adults can participate in Rites of Passage programs. No child or young adult in need of a Wilderness Therapy Trek Program,The Ranch Long Term Care Program, and Obesity Health & Wellness Camp experience should be turned away. Bonnie’s memory lives on in her parents, and in the children and young adults who trek through the wilderness of recovery and find a positive new direction

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