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Having fun while having a life changing experience.

At Rites of Passage Obesity, Health and Wellness Camp we believe in having fun! Our students make friendships and memories they remember for the rest of their lives. Every day is a new adventure. As far as we can tell we are the only trek based weight program in the nation. This means we are moving daily to a different location, covering new ground and experiencing breathtaking views of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Weight loss is simply a natural consequence of this exhilarating wilderness experience paired with our holistic diet.

Building self-esteem

Our adventure based model has new challenges every day. These challenges can take place on an individual level or group level. Negotiating river crossings, rope ladders, and contributing to the running of a successful camp are all opportunities for participants to problem solve and develop team building skills. The feelings of accomplishment that our students experience by starting a fire using only flint and steel, providing clean water for the entire camp, pushing personal boundaries by summiting mountains and ocean kayaking develop self-esteem, a positive attitude and motivation. Through meeting each student were they are at we build them up by supporting them in creating and meeting their own goals.

On Care

At Rites of Passage Obesity, Health and Wellness Camp we foster a healthy environment for weight loss. We judge no one. Through compassion and empathy, we open our hearts to each individual’s pain, struggles and disappointments as well as their hopes and goals. We help students find the courage needed to change those beliefs and behaviors that no longer fit the person they want to be. We have a 1:5 staff to student ratio which really ensures individualized attention to facilitate proper support and interaction as we create a season of activities in the student’s journey to improved health and wellness.


We believe that continued support and encouragement are essential when a participant returns home after their time at Rites of Passage Obesity, Health and Wellness Camp. We put a lot of emphasis on aftercare. With family therapy sessions, a parents handbook, and personalized guidance we equip students and their families to maintain the momentum gained during their time at camp. As the participants get to keep all the personal equipment used out in the wilderness we see many continue their adventures as they follow through on their rejuvenated passion for a healthy lifestyle.


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