A day at Camp

A day at Camp

A Day in the life of the Rites of Passage Obesity Health and Wellness Camp

Typically the students will receive a wake-up call around 08:00 AM and spend the first hour of their day packing up their tent and gear. ‘Pack & Roll’ is the term they will soon get used to as some students have fun trying to beat their own fastest times taken to PACK up all their belongings and be ready to ROLL out of camp! Currently our record is 12 minutes!! The students also use this first hour to get breakfast and help pack up the group gear. Students learn the importance of ‘Leave No Trace’ principles so as to protect the beautiful, natural environment they are living in.

Every day involves covering new terrain so the scenery never gets dull and the fresh sights keep students engaged as they hike toward their next camp site. Carrying everything they need to live out in the wilderness on their backs, they enjoy the benefits of exercising without having to plan hours of gym workouts or aerobics sessions. While on trail students learn about backpacking technique, map reading, or collect berries for a tasty snack. Sometimes they are given a trail topic to think about which could include their goals for getting in shape, positive thinking strategies, respect, determination, personal obstacles etc.

A stop off for lunch on trail leaves space for the students to offload their backpacks and sit for a while in nature. This can be an exhilarating experience, free from the hustle and bustle of their regular lives, they enjoy natural foods in a natural environment.

The students arrive at their next destination in the afternoon and set up camp again. As the students work within their ‘trail family’ there are various tasks that need carried out in order for camp life to be successful. Pumping water and gathering firewood continue to keep our students using their muscles whilst also contributing to community living, giving them a sense of belonging and achievement. Providing clean water for everyone is a big deal. Exercise is not the only benefit from camp life but also team work, leadership skills, managing different personalities and the value of hard work are all positive effects of living in the wilderness together.

The evenings include a time called ‘Camp Counsel’ where we discuss the trail topic, chat about the day or anything else on someone’s mind. Other activities can include swimming in the ocean or lakes, beach games, rope climbing and much more.

There is a lot of fun to be had in their very own personal outside gym.

Example Schedule:

8:00 AM         -Wake up call, pack up camp and eat breakfast

9:00 AM         -Back on trail heading to the next destination.

12:00 NOON  -Lunch

13:00 PM        -Back on trail towards that night’s campsite

15:00 PM        – Set up camp/ camp chores

17:30 PM        -Dinner/ free time

20:00 PM        -Camp counsel

21:00 PM        -Bedtime/Journal time.