Phase 4

Phase 4


During phase four residents will start to explore their aftercare options for reintegration into their lives. This might look like finding sober living options in our community to continue on with their new found passions like school or community. Residents might want to transition back to their home state or start at university. We would help them plan this transition. Our residents are performing at a new level of excellence at this phase of our program. Transitions can be difficult if there is damage that occurred prior to their arrival that we can help navigate. We help facilitate that transition and create a plan for success after their stay with us. This could consist of continuing therapy or locating support groups in the area the resident will be moving to and having someone in the local community take them to their first meeting there. During this phase we will ask residents to help mentor new arrivals by helping them navigate the daily ranch life routine or by introducing them at meetings. By residents giving back to each other and through community it reinforces the value system and new life they have created.

We believe that we live and work on recovery as a community, and, while ultimately the journey toward sobriety is a personal one, it is best undertaken in the company of friends. The value of support systems cannot be underestimated.


There are four phases to the program: