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Adopting a child into your family is a wonderful and exciting experience. However, it can also come with some tricky situations that you may need help navigating. That’s where the compassionate team here at Rites of Passage can assist you. For years, we’ve been providing effective wilderness therapy for adoption families that need a little help with their new dynamic.

The state-licensed program is here to help your pre-teen, teen, or young adult learn life skills and navigate the new family dynamic they are in. Discover more below how we can help you and your new family member adjust.

Multiple Stage Approach

Because each situation is different, your program will look different from others. Our multi-stage approach to therapy helps all walks of life come together and walk through situations that may be causing them problems now or in the future.

The phases include:

  • Self-reflection – Part of learning how to handle the decisions and challenges you’ll face in the future is looking at your choices behind you. With quiet hikes and chances to address those choices, we can help your loved one find ways to make better choices than in the past.
  • Group therapy – Learning to live together with a new member can take a toll on the whole family. Everyone is trying to learn each other’s personalities, dealing with things from the past, and helping each other move forward. Our group therapy sessions include the whole family to cover tough topics that need to be approached.
  • Skills – Your young adult or teen will learn cooking skills, sheltering in the wilderness, how to navigate and communicate as well.
  • Plan for the future – One of the main parts of therapy is to help your child make a plan for their successful future. Learning ways to cope with challenges ahead, make calm decisions, and turn for help when needed are critical parts of the process.

To learn more about our wilderness therapy for adoption, be sure to call (800) 794-0980.