Weight Loss Camp for Teens in the NW

Weight Loss Camp for Teens in the NW

Similarly to adults, many teens struggle with body image issues, diet, exercise, and weight loss, and are not sure how to begin the seemingly long road to weight loss. Unfortunately, teens may try some severe methods to combat weight loss, after being bullied in school and having negative thoughts and self-doubt. Here at Rites of Passage NW, we have a weight loss camp for teens in the NW that can not only help teens get the weight off, but keep it off, as they return home with motivation and knowledge.

Weight Loss Camp for Teens in the NW

Slightly different than a regular “fat camp” our weight loss camp shows teens how to make healthier food choices with our complete diet of holistic foods while at our camp. After adjusting to better eating, teens can take home the knowledge and experience that comes with healthier choices, and can continue to live a healthier lifestyle.

We also like to show our teens that exercising does not have to be as rigorous and mundane as going to the gym three times a week. With our wilderness and hiking treks and exercise, we show teens how to keep in shape and still have fun doing it. Our treks and hikes are group events that are fun and enjoyable – while some of the hikes are moderately difficult, teens enjoy the hike and the sense of accomplishment.

While here, teens also take part in conventional therapies with their individual counselor and group therapy with their peers. It is important to treat any underlying issues in addition to obesity, such as depression and anxiety.

To learn more about our weight loss camp for teens in the NW, or to learn more about Rites of Passage NW and other programs, please call us at (800)794-0980 to speak with a kind and experienced professional.

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