Treating the Whole Individual with Wilderness Therapy in the USA

Treating the Whole Individual with Wilderness Therapy in the USA

When someone both loved and cared for is suffering from emotional and/or behavioral problems, it can be almost instinctive to do whatever possible to help them. Getting these individuals away from any negative influences that may be contributing to any poor choices being made would be paramount. What better location to remove these person's then to the serenity of the wilderness where the fast pace of daily life is replaced by Mother Nature's natural calming influences. There are many therapy options available to help those with any number of emotional or behavioral concerns; a wilderness therapy in the USA however, treats the whole individual, not just the symptoms.

Wilderness Therapy in the USA

Taking a no punitive stance, many people believe poor behaviors should be treated not punished; that negative behaviors can be replaced by making positive and lifelong changes. In lieu of a tough love boot camp, an alternative holistic path combining traditional counseling with natural health and wellness is taken, demonstrating the benefits of a healthier style of life. A rites of passage approach to therapy ensures every individual is ready to move forward with their treatment plan. A unique, multi level line of therapeutic treatment empowers each person to overcome challenges using their own strengths, skills and abilities; many of which they may not even be aware they possess.

Through their successes and from others, these individuals will learn new methods of dealing with the many obstacles faced in daily life. Aside from wilderness adventures and treks, a series of intense but nurturing therapies consisting of individual, group and peer to peer, conducted be certified therapists will note any underlying emotional concerns. Recognizing the root causes of any poor behaviors, therapists will be able to treat the whole individual and not just the diagnoses.

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