Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are a broad spectrum of mental health conditions which encompass any disorder whose symptoms include an elevated or depressed mood. Although there are still some social stigmas surrounding mental health problems, doctors universally recognize that mood disorders can be as, or even more, detrimental to the everyday life of a patient than purely physical medical conditions.

Two of the most common mood disorders are anxiety and depression. These two disorders remain extremely common throughout society despite the fact that there are extremely effective methods of treatment for depression and anxiety. One of the treatments most commonly prescribed by doctors is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which we specialize in at Rites of Passage. CBT involves therapists helping patients to enact positive change in their thought patterns, resulting in positive habits forming and generally more constructive behavior.

It is normal for everyone to experience brief bouts of depression and anxiety during their lifetime, it only becomes a medical problem when it persists for a substantial period of time. Anyone who experiences symptoms of either anxiety or depression for six months or longer should consult with a medical professional.

It isn’t possible to list the symptoms of all mood disorders here so instead we will focus on the two which are most common.

Symptoms of Anxiety

– Extreme nervousness or paranoia

– Unwarranted sense of approaching danger

– Panic

– Hyperventilation

– Difficulty concentrating on anything other than the sense of danger

– High heart rate

Symptoms of Depression

– Experience no pleasure from activities which used to be enjoyable

– Constant very low mood

– Lethargy

– Reduced or increased appetite

– Frequent suicidal thoughts

– Preoccupation which feelings of guilt, shame or worthlessness

– Insomnia or hypersomnia

Mood disorders can be very serious medical problems with extremely detrimental effects. It is very easy for mood disorders to prevent a person from being able to function in everyday society, they can make it impossible to focus on work or socializing. Fortunately more and more people are seeking treatment for depression and anxiety from organizations such as Rites for Passage, and through our implementation of CBT we are helping more people than ever to overcome these disorders.