Long Term Drug Treatment Program

Long Term Drug Treatment Program

Unlike taking an aspirin when a headache sets in, the recovery from a substance abuse problem can take a great deal of time. There is no marking on the side of a treatment center saying, “recovery should occur in
X hours/days/months/years”. It is only the individual that can be sure when recovery has gotten to a point where transition into the mainstream of society and all of its good and bad influences can occur. For those that have been to an initial recovery or treatment center such as Rites of Passage wilderness Therapy Trek Program and feel more time in recovery would better prepare them for the move back home, Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy may have the long term drug treatment program you are looking for.

Long Term Drug Treatment Program

At Rites of Passage, we build on previous recovery programs. Understanding that all people do best in a respectful, supportive environment, we meet and treat each person as an individual. We work with our residents to create a individualized treatment plan with their personal goals and interests in mind.

When not on wilderness adventures our residents partake in the daily operations of ‘The Ranch’ with a routine of daily chores.

These chores in themselves allow our residents to recover a sense of purpose, pride and belonging.

While engaged in wilderness adventures, our residents have much time to reflect on their lives. the lives of their loved ones and how the changes they are making in their own behaviors will help not only themselves, but those close to them.

Although everything done at Rites of Passage has therapeutic merit, our unique, multi-levelled therapeutic approach to therapy also includes:

  • Intense one on one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Peer to peer therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Holistic nutrition education

For more information pertaining to our highly effective long term drug treatment program, call us today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy at (800)794-0980.