Long Term Drug Treatment Center

Long Term Drug Treatment Center

Simply removing an individual from the source of poor choices may be enough for some to correct negative or potentially destructive behaviors. Others however, may best be suited to enter a treatment center in which the support system extends far beyond the family. This being said, having the support of family is one of the most effective recovery tools for any person making the long hard trek away from the life of substance abuse and toward health and wellness. For those that have followed through with an initial recovery program and would like to extend their treatment or care, Rites of Passage NW, The Ranch long term drug treatment center may be the support/treatment center you or your loved one is looking for.

At Rites of Passage long term treatment center, a number of support avenues are explored and utilized. From friendships being formed with residents working with each other while performing their daily ranch chores, to the individual and group therapy sessions with our licensed mental health therapists.

Long Term Drug Treatment Center

Our substance abuse classes with our resident chemical dependence specialist provides even more top notch support in conjunction with our life skills counselors.

With our unique empowerment approach to therapy, our residents overcome challenges using skills and abilities many may not even realize they possess.

Throughout the time spent in our treatment center, our residents gain the self-reliance, self-respect and confidence they need to overcome the many obstacles they will continue to face in daily life. They will take responsibility for themselves, their choices and accept the consequences of those choices. They will leave clean, healthy and prepared to be the person they want to be.

If you would like more information regarding our long term treatment center, call Rites of Passage NW, The Ranch today at (800)794-0980. We look forward to helping you be the person you want to be.