Long Term Drug Rehab Center in Seattle

Long Term Drug Rehab Center in Seattle

Getting clean, sober and on the road to a healthier lifestyle is not doubt a frequent thought of many drug addicts. Taking a thought such as this and turning it into a reality however is not as easy as it sounds. Leading a healthy style of life may likely be as incomprehensible to a drug addict at the peak of their addiction as being a person leading a healthy lifestyle imagining life as an addict. Both however, may be equally scary. When the decision is made by an individual with substance abuse issues to seek a clean and healthy change of behaviors, finding the right rehab center is crucial. The more the center suits the needs and expectations of the individual, the more comfortable the person will feel, allowing them to focus completely on their rehabilitation. At Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy, The Ranch, we offer such a long term drug rehab center in Seattle.

Long Term Drug Rehab Center in Seattle

Continuously guiding our residents toward self-reliance, self-respect and patience, Rites of Passage long term drug rehab is a little more structured then others. Assigning daily ranch chores allows them to regain a sense of purpose, the opportunity to work with others, feelings of accomplishment and an understanding of personal responsibility.


hrough our multilevel therapy approaches including individual and group therapy, group therapy, equine therapy, holistic nutrition education, wilderness treks, life skills classes, just to name a few, our residents are prepared both emotionally and physically to face the many obstacles that make daily life the challenge we all know it is with all its successes as well as it’s failure.

For more information and what to expect from our long term drug rehab center in Seattle, call us today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy (800)794-0980.

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