Long Term Drug Addiction Program in North America – USA

Long Term Drug Addiction Program in North America – USA

When a child is physically sick, a parent often takes them to the doctor right away, and there are many resources to help both parents and children. When a child is emotionally ill or is experimenting with alcohol or drugs, parents may not know where to turn to get their child help. Some may turn to school guidance counselors or have the child participate in weekly therapy sessions, but those are not a great fit for every child. Sometimes, drug and alcohol use in teens goes beyond mere experimentation and requires more intense therapy. Here at Rites of Passage NW, we have a long term drug addiction program in North America- USA that helps troubled teens rediscover a life without the use of alcohol or drugs.

Long Term Drug Addiction Program in North America - USA

Our combination of different types of therapies has a lot to do with our high success rate. Teens will take part in conventional therapy such as individual one-on-one therapy and group therapy with their peers, but they also get to take part in fun therapies such as equine therapy, wilderness therapy, rites of passage therapy, and more. We have found that by reconnecting with nature, teens can begin to recover.

We also teach about accountability and responsibility, and teens will be responsible for all of their actions. They will learn about introspection through journal writing, and are expected to volunteer in the local community. Teens will also take part in daily chores, and learn how to be part of a team. Teens also learn the value of good communication between their peers and adults.

To learn more about our long term drug addiction program in North America – USA, or to learn more about Rites of Passage NW, give us a call today at (800)794-0980. Our experienced staff is ready to get all troubled teens back on the road to recovery.