Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center in Seattle

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center in Seattle

When you or someone close to you is looking to continue the long road to recovery from an alcohol addiction, it is of the utmost importance to find the rehabilitation treatment center best suited to reach the intended outcome. The rehab center of choice will have a mixture of what the individual wants and what they need to achieve their treatment goals. It will be structured enough to give some guidance but lose enough that the onus remains with the individual to keep their treatment progress moving forward. At Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy, our long term alcohol rehab treatment Center in Seattle offers everything one may expect from a superior rehab center and much more.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

From the time of their arrival at Rites of Passage NW, our residents begin taking responsibility for their choices and actions as they work with their therapists to create a plan of treatment to enable them to reach their short and long term treatment goals. This responsibility continues as our residents are tasked with completing daily ranch chores allowing them the opportunity to regain any sense of purpose they may have lost, a sense of accomplishment and a chance to work in co-operation with others.

The combination of wilderness trek challenges, individual and group therapy, equine therapy, holistic nutrition education, transitional work programs, community volunteering, life skills classes, mentoring and the continuation of a safe, stable supportive environment will guide our residents toward the self-reliance, self-respect, patience and confidence required for them to.

For more information regarding our superior long term alcohol rehab treatment center in Seattle, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy at (800)794-0980.