Long Term Alcohol Rehab Program

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Program

With an estimated 17 million people in the United States alone abusing alcohol, it has proven to be a debilitating disease to many. Since the first documented evidence of an intoxicating beverage, alcoholism and alcohol abuse have no doubt been a problem within society, every society. For hundreds of years, alcohol has destroyed a countless number of individuals as well as families. For some, time spent in an initial alcohol rehab program may suffice. For others, a second, longer term program may be desired. At Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy, our long term alcohol rehab program may just fit your requirements.

Specifically designed for those young adults coming out of our wilderness trek program, or those who require continuing care, Rites of Passage offers its unique multi-levelled therapeutic approach to recovery.

Our empowerment therapy assists our residents to achieve their treatment objectives by utilizing their own abilities from within and the new skills they learn from the program.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Program

Our program encourages our residents to make healthy choices and accept both the responsibility and consequences of those choices.

Engaging in all of our therapeutic activities from daily ranch chores to wilderness adventures, our residents regain the sense of self-reliance, self-respect and confidence needed to face the challenges of every day life.

Our daily counseling sessions, whether individual, group or peer to peer will assist your child to discover any underlying issues that may be contributing to their negative behaviors.

Having adequate support and a healthy lifestyle is crucial to the recovery of our residents. At Rites of Passage, we ensure both of these criteria are met. Our residents are taught where to get and how to prepare delicious, healthy holistic meals. Involving peer to peer counseling as well as family in the recovery process ensures adequate support during and after treatment.

For more information on our highly effective long term alcohol rehab program, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy (800)794-0980.