Changing Behaviors with Rites of Passage NW in the USA

Life may be viewed as a stair case with each person completing a stage before moving on to the next step; such as learning to crawl before walking, cutting a first tooth, eating solid foods, using utensils, learning to dress and tie shoes. As each day, week, month, and year passes, individuals acquire a larger repertoire of abilities; building on previously learned skills. Many behaviors being learned would indicate external influences may help shape the basic principals and values of an individual. These influences can foster either positive or negative behaviors. To alter any potential negative or self-destructive behaviors, enlist the help of Rites of Passage NW in the USA.
Rites of Passage NW in the USA
Simply defined, rites of passage is the transition from one stage to another; it is also a very effective approach to a unique empowerment therapy for those with any number of emotional and/or behavioral concerns. Understanding making change in behavior is not a quick undertaking, a dedicated team of doctors, therapists, counselors, nutritionists, life skills coaches and other educators use the wilderness not only as a therapeutic tool but as their office. Offering an expedition based wilderness therapy introduces alternative activities to help remove an individual from one role and prepare them for another.

When introduced to a new, ‘out of the box’ situation, most people will rise to the challenge and become stronger and more confident in themselves. When left to their own devices in the wilderness, individual will build on the skills and abilities they already possess to overcome the natural obstacles the will face. One stage at a time, clients will be empowered to break any destructive habits, reconnect with themselves, their family and begin to make healthier choices.

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