The Secret to Finding Wilderness Therapy Programs in the Northwest

Wilderness Therapy Programs in the Northwest

At times, parents are affronted with a difficult decision to send their teen to rehab regarding their substance abuse problem. Where the decision becomes particularly challenging is in the selection of the rehab facility given that many rehab programs do not have high success rates. The reason for this is that the rehab programs are not custom to the teen’s needs to individually succeed. If you are looking for an alternative rehab option for your teen, it is highly recommended that you reach out to Rites of Passage regarding theirĀ Wilderness Therapy Programs in the Northwest. By choosing Rites of Passage, you will quickly see that they are the proper choice for helping your teen get back on track.

At Rites of Passage, we greatly pride ourselves on offering unique rehab programs that transpire in the wilderness. We feel that these programs provide a special opportunity for teens who have battled with substance abuse problems to ultimately, get their lives back on track. The best way to see if Rites of Passage could potentially be the ideal fit for your teen is to speak to one of our qualified counselors regarding your teen’s individual situation. This way, we can ensure that our program is tailored to what will make your teen succeed.

In order to learn more about us and ourĀ Wilderness Therapy Programs in the Northwest, it is highly recommended that you reach out to us today by dialing (800)794-0980. This will allow us to schedule a meeting with our counselors and ultimately, be one step closer to getting the help that your teen needs. Thus, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today. We would be elated to assist your teen in getting the help that they need to get ahead in the years to come.