Zoë Scott

Zoë is from England and has spent a lot of her life living in the beautiful and warm climate of the South of France. Through spending twelve years on a quest of personal development studying and experiencing a wide variety of therapy modalities, she arrived at a point to find that her hearts passion lay in the study and practice of Mindfulness. A deep resonance with the outdoors also ignited an interest in eco-therapy and the power that nature inspires, especially when combined with mindfulness, to facilitate both mental and physical healing. Being an artistic and creative person, Zoë likes to spend a lot of her time writing and photographing out in the wilderness. She brings a refreshing approach to ROP and coaches students in the art of Mindfulness and acceptance. She particularly enjoys working to overcome anxiety suing evidence based practices such as CBT and DBT models. Zoë enjoys having a giggle and being part of a team whilst her empathetic nature allows her to connect with teenagers and young adults experiencing a time of transition, and relating to them on a personal level.