Tom James, Youth Wilderness Instructor

Tom James comes to us from just down the road. Having spent his entire childhood in the Pacific Northwest, the Olympic National Park was his backdoor playground growing up,. He is currently finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Economics at the University of Washington. After working in forestry, going to art school, rambling down to Guatemala and eventually moving to England for a year, Tom returned to his native Washington to pursue journalism and more meaningful work in the outdoors. After getting his Wilderness First Responder certification and spending months learning to lead teams and build trails with the Northwest Youth Corps, Tom took some time to work at a Washington newspaper and build a small house.

An avid rock climber and backpacker, Tom believes strongly in the power of inspiration to change hearts. Tom has a gift of connecting teenagers with experiences that will be inspiring for them and bring about healthy changes. As a mentor, this means Tom pushes himself to listen, and to guide wherever possible by encouraging the compassion, patience and reflection that open us to the possibilities all around.

Blessed to grown up within a circle of strong, supportive and creative adults, Tom is thrilled to have the chance to share the wonders of the back country with youngsters going through a time in their lives when they can benefit from it most.