Nicholas Chmielewski - Wilderness Therapy Field Instructor:

Nicholas Chmielewski, also known as Nico, was born and raised on the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas of Western Washington and has a love for the land and water. His passion for life and being outdoors led him to study and get his Bachelors of Science in Biology with a major in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation at the University of Washington. Nico has familiarity with nature and experiences on extended wilderness trips. These experiences have given him a confidence and awareness of group and individual needs. He is a treasure trove of experiences and stories that capture the imagination and create excitement and a deepening awareness in all our students on trail.

Coming from his time in the wild, Nico believes that nature immersion is not only important, but vital to our well-being. He passionately practices re-wilding himself and his surroundings because he believes our health relies on us being aware and connected to nature. Those that have worked with Nico say he has a great ability to help others to look closer at the sacredness of the world and that he conducts himself with grace and reverence in nature which his students begin embodying.

Nico is motivated by and receives joy from a sense of servitude to nature. He strives to be a good role-model and mentor for his son and all other young people that he gets to spend time with. He is also excited for learning from and sharing in life-lessons with all who walk with him.