Nathan Welch - Co-Owner and Director Wilderness Therapy

My wife and I created our life-changing wilderness therapy company in 2009 and have had the opportunity to help a growing number of families in the past few years. I received my MBA in 2012 from Grantham University and am currently working towards my PhD. As a Captain serving in the US Army guard since 2004 and working as a pioneer in the Wilderness Therapy industry, I have been blessed with leading people through a variety of challenging and unique experiences. After seeing the suffering in Afghanistan, the second poorest place on earth, I decided to make a difference when I came back home. The experience of serving with soldiers and teaching students in the States has given me a gift and purpose of impacting the lives of others. It is a true blessing to see our ROP students grow and become emotionally mature and self supportive. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people and there is nothing more healing than the wilderness. Our professionals are amazing life changing individuals that I am so proud of.

Our wilderness therapy program brings broken families together and implements healthy changes in individuals and in the whole family dynamic. We run both your child’s program and the family program simultaneously and in doing so, we achieve excellent results fast. I could not have created this experience without the help from so many other people over the years. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of this special process with you.