Michael Marshall

Pacific Northwest born and raised, Michael grew up backpacking throughout the Olympic Peninsula. Early exposure to beautiful places cultivated a life of mindfulness, adventure, and joy. Michael continued his naturalist path at Northern Arizona University, graduating with a BS in Environmental Science emphasis in Biology, minor in Chemistry, and certificate in Forestry and Conservation. His college education reflects his thirst for knowledge, always pushing to further his understanding of the natural world "knowledge is freedom".

In 2014, Michael completed the Pacific Crest Trail hiking 2,650 miles from Canada to Mexico. During this journey his eyes were opened to the healing powers of the forest. Long days of meditation and reflection brought clarity to the mind and body. You will often hear him say "if you have a problem, go on a walk, the slower the better"

In addition to his love of walking, Michael finds joy in many other life adventures. He is a world traveler, talking with locals and embracing the culture of wherever he ends up. He has traveled throughout Central America, spent a semester in the Northern Marianas Islands, a summer rock climbing in Thailand, and a spring break in Europe. On his days off you can find Michael picking his banjo at the base of a rock climbing route or on his bike pedaling along the back roads of Washington.