Kayleigh Chase - Wilderness ART Therapist

My name is Kayleigh Chase. Born in Washington and raised in the tropical island of Puerto Rico. My first language is Spanish but lucky to have a mom that put a lot of dedication into teaching me English. Loved the warm weather and pristine beaches but decided to take a break and joined the Us Navy once I graduated High School. In 2011 came back to the civilian world and was able to obtain my Medical Assistant Certification in Washington thanks to the medical training that the Navy provided me with. I am currently finishing my Associates in Arts with a concentration in Psychology.

My mom has a passion for traveling and photography and to my knowledge she definitely passed that on to me. Last summer I took a trip through Alaska ending at Denali National Park and to say the least it was enlightning. For the last two years during my stay in Washington I have spent most of my free time exploring all the natural beauty this state has to offer. After a long day of work and school, there is nothing better than a walk on the trail.

On my free time I enjoy photography, hiking, karaoke and reading.