Karelia Mowbray | W-EMT Wilderness Instructor

My name is Kari Even though I'm tall, I'm really not scary After a few weeks in the woods, I'm definitely hairy I'm from Montana and love to run I moved to Eugene Oregon, just for fun I now live in Washington Its a beautiful place And work here in the Olympics Where there is always a smile on my face Back in Montana, where I finished college I had no idea that there was so much more knowledge About the holistic healing nature can give To those out experiencing the elements and learning to live With all my energy And outdoors skills I'm here to help students learn the cheap thrills Of thriving on the trail and under the trees So they can go back to their life with as much ease As they possibly can, empowered and in peace

I am an adventure seeking Montanan, who has been living in the pacific northwest for the last 5 years. I believe strongly in the holistic benefits of spending time outdoors and am able to provide students with strong and energetic leadership. My educational background is based in psychology study and wilderness medicine rescue. When I'm not hiking and camping, I'm usually running, reading or spending time with my family. I love to go on road trips because seeing the country from an eye level window provides colorful perspectives on life. I currently am living in Anacortes, and couldn't have fallen more in love with the spectacular setting of the far continental northwest.