Kaitlin Vogelpohl – Head of Logistics

Kaitlin heads up our logistics and risk management department. “I’m a young and passionately active outdoor adventurer. I’ve always lived to be outside, there is no greater peace. I grew up camping, and hiking with a father who showed me a true appreciation and respect for the world around me. In high school I took part in our Natural resource academy where most classes were held outside, and our curriculum was conservation. I also took great pleasure in being an outdoor school counselor teaching students about the natural world and how to live harmoniously within it. I love seeing and helping the eyes of a new generation grow big under all the trees and majestic moments that can be found out there. Since leaving school I have furthered my knowledge and love with backpacking and survival courses that have really just continued my open view of where my time should be spent. I am currently in pursuit of a degree in environmental restoration ecology. I’m an avid hiker, backpacker, camper, kayaker, and as much as possible a conservationist. I spend my time passing this along to my friends, family, and young daughter with a full heart.”