Jenna McDonald

Jenna McDonald is an Experienced Youth Educator, Yoga Practitioner and Guide. Her passion is in embodiment and connection to nature as a primary path to vitality, passion and purpose. As a young adult she trained in Muay Thai kickboxing and found a love for martial arts and edgy contact movement. It was the origin of her interest in Eastern Philosophy, Yoga and Meditation. She went on to Evergreen State College where she worked with a group of indigenous professors- Receiving her BA in Native Systems of Education.

She fused the beauty of her eastern yogic practices with the intimidating and raw connection she felt to the wilderness and started to train with Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, WA. This cracked open her career in Outdoor Experiential Education as a wilderness guide and she piloted her own summer youth programs outside Seattle, WA. Since then she has worked as a guide in Denali Park, and for other NW based guide companies taking groups of 6-14 youth into backcountry settings. She brings a strong skill set combining life coaching, embodiment and love of nature to her programs. She is a mother of a 2.5 yr old boy is excited to bring all the wisdom gained off trail back to her work in the wild!

Jenna completed ‘Art of Mentoring’ through Wilderness Awareness School. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Life Coach with her own Transformational Business; Passion for Practice.