Idil Levitas - Life Coach and Aftercare Specialist

Idil has has been working with youth in the outdoors since 2004, when she was lured to the Pacific Northwest by the beauty of its forests and coastal islands. After growing up an urbanite in Washington DC, Idil's first exposure to the transformative power of backcountry experiences was as a student at the National Outdoor Leadership School, where Idil backpacked, canoed, caved, and rock climbed for three months straight. Since then, Idil's passion for learning in and from the outdoors has only grown. She has worked as an environmental educator at outdoor schools, facilitates custom outdoor programs for schools, and has been leading multi-week backcountry trips with Rite of Passage Journeys for young adults since 2011. She is excited to join the team at ROPNW and offer her gifts of guiding and mentoring young people into closer relationship with their truest selves.

In her free time, Idil enjoys traveling to new places and returning to Turkey to visit her extended family, playing with her nieces and nephew, and learning new dance moves. Idil will also be starting graduate study this April at Antioch University in their Couples & Family Therapy Program.