Gabriell Joyner, Wilderness Therapy Volunteer

Hi! My name is Gabriell Joyner, but my friends call me Gabe. I recently graduated from CU Denver with a BA in Sociology. I have enjoyed working for a company called T.C.A.M.P. in Colorado. (Transitional Creative Arts Mentoring Program) where I was the program director for the Loveland, CO office. I am an art teacher, but also have worked alongside our social workers, case workers and family members of the teens that come into our program. This has been so much fun!

I enjoy many things! I love the summer and all that the season comes with including Camping, fishing, bike riding, motorcycle riding, eating outside, partaking in outdoors sports, and run on sentences. Now, don’t get me wrong, winter is a fine season as well but summer is where it’s at! I am a big fan of family, friendships, new foods, new places, interesting conversation, bad old horror movies, and most of all laughing.