Emma Welch, Co-Owner Wilderness Therapy

Emma has a background in psychology, and focus in forensic psychology from Grand Canyon University. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience. Born in London, England, she started traveling the world extensively from a young age, from Africa to India, South America and throughout South-East Asia. She later became involved in multiple humanitarian missions abroad, promoting education and building schools in Central America alongside Raleigh International. Emma has resided in the beautiful Pacific Northwest since 2006, where she met her huge-hearted Captain.

Emma has previously worked in the fields of Family Advocacy, grief work in the school system and Hospice. Her job had her helping women and children through crisis situations, and she feels blessed to have had the opportunity to make a positive difference in their lives. Those experiences have shown her that she has a gift for helping others. She particularly enjoys the family dynamic and being a huge part of the family re-connection and healing process. She is grateful to have created Rites of Passage NW wilderness therapy programs with her husband, and to live out their mutual passion through their work in the wilderness. In her free time, she volunteers with Hospice and is very passionate about the work she does with these families.