David Cascella - Wilderness Therapist

David grew up in St. Louis Missouri. He attended the University of Missouri and completed his BA in Psychology and while obtaining his Master's in Social Work at Saint Louis University, David developed his strong interest in the importance of healthy family dynamics and conducting therapy in a way that emphasizes a person's self-determination and strengths. During his studies, he worked for Probation and Parole as a group drug counselor and caseworker, working to reintegrate parolees back into society with the support of their families. He has also spent some time working as an immediate access intake specialist at Chestnut Health Systems, where he conducted clinical mental health, suicide risk, and drug addiction assessments as well as individual and family therapy.

Recently, David completed a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. He constructed a website where he shared his experiences on the therapeutic effects of both solitude and community in a wilderness setting while also raising donations and awareness for community mental health. Upon completion of the trail, David decided he needed mountains in his life, so he moved from St. Louis to Bellingham WA where he currently resides.