Candice Trusty - Wilderness Therapy Field Instructor

Candice Trusty grew up in the small town of Annandale, Minnesota. She had always been drawn to the Pacific Northwest for all its natural beauty and moved to Portland, Oregon directly after graduating high school. For several years Portland was her home base to where she would return after her travels backpacking Europe, Central America, and New Zealand. In 2014 she through hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Candice's travels in the backcountry reinforced her belief that time in the wilderness is able to greatly improve ones outlook on life. She is thrilled to have the opportunity with Rites of Passage to share her passion for the outdoors and to experience the benefits for others of extended time in the wilderness. Shortly after finishing the trail Candice and her partner moved to Bellingham, Washington where she is pursuing her higher degree in Environmental Science and planning her next travel adventure.