Why Choose Rites Of Passage NW In Washington State For Wilderness Therapy?

Rites Of Passage NW In Washington State
People today are breaking free of traditional therapy options and going for a more immersive method. If you are hoping to learn more about wilderness therapy and what it could mean for your family, think about Rites Of Passage NW in Washington State.

As a parent, you may be apprehensive about sending your teen off to an outdoor behavioral health program because you are worried that this could somehow compromise their safety and well-being. However, there are programs today, much like what is offered at Rites Of Passage Wilderness Therapy, that is supervised by trained professionals to offer a unique and rewarding experience.

Depending on the type of help that your teen could benefit from, there are programs that address a variety of issues. Whether your teen is struggling with self-image, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and more, you have the ability to sign your child up for targeted therapy in a beautiful natural setting. This is their chance to get away from peers and the chaos that comes with everyday life to enjoy interactions and new skills while immersed in nature.

Basically speaking, these are wilderness therapy programs that work. We offer long-term treatment programs as well as options that involve counseling and support for families. Each camper has the support that they need from one-on-one counseling to group sessions and we always work to make sure that participants have access to staff whenever needed.

If you are hoping to find a way to get your teen the treatment that he or she needs and you have found that traditional counseling and therapy is not working, we would love to talk to you about what we have to offer at Rites Of Passage Wilderness Therapy.

Contact Rites Of Passage NW in Washington State today to learn more about the different programs that we offer. If you would like to set up a tour, please call our staff at (800) 794-0980 and we will be happy to help.