Temperate Rainforest

Temperate Rainforest

Camps-for-Troubled-YouthOur wilderness therapy is located in the Olympic National Park wilderness. This experience is so unique our students will remember it forever.

Established in 1938 to protect a dwindling Roosevelt Elk population, Olympic National Park is made up of 876,447 acres of rugged wilderness, long, untamed beaches, rocky peaks, and old-growth forests.  It is one of the most diverse landscapes in the entire United States National Park system.

Visitors can take in the Olympic Mountains through more than 600 miles of trails. The Park boasts the third-largest glacial system in the United States. They can pass through mountain vistas into the rainforest valleys, which receive over 180 inches of precipitation each year, and visit more than 48 miles of wilderness coastline.

The diverse set of habitats are home to thousands of species of land and marine life. The initial purpose of the park has been fulfilled, as Olympic is now home to the largest unmanaged Roosevelt Elk population in the world.

Our students experience life-changing, educational, and engaging experiences while hiking and camping in this breathtaking setting.