Olympic Mountains

Olympic Mountains


When we say all of nature is right at our doorstep, here at Rites of Passage NW we specifically mean the Olympic Mountains. Our wilderness camp is nestled here in the Olympic Mountains, far away from it all. Both our obesity wellness camps and substance abuse camps participate in outdoor activities on these robust mountain trails. Mount Olympus, the tallest of the group, has a height of 7.962 feet, and is one of our goals within the program.

With deep valleys and coastal plains, these mountains are mere miles away from the breathtaking Pacific Ocean. Our teens learn survival skills in these woods, as well as participating in wilderness treks and hikes. This mountain range receives roughly 200 inches of precipitation each year, many of that in snow. During the winter months our teens learn how to hike these wondrous trails in ice and snow, and in summer can enjoy long wilderness hikes through the forests.

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