Alpine Lakes

Alpine Lakes



Our students explore some of the most stunning landscape in the United States, including the Seven Lakes Basin in Olympic National Park. Getting there’s not easy – it’s 4,000 feet up along a steep, 19-mile trail.

The name “Seven Lakes” is a misnomer – there are actually eight of them: Soleduc, Long, Lunch, Morgenroth, No Name, Clear, Round and Lake No. 8.

They lie amid stretches of meadow and stands of old-growth forest. Students who make the climb get a great view of Mt. Olympus, as well as the river valleys and glacial fields that lie below them.

Besides the stunning view of nature, our students are often lucky enough to catch a glimpse of black bears, mountain goats, marmots and Olympic elk – and to catch their own fish in the pristine waters and cook them up for their trail family’s dinner.