Holistic Foods

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Holistic Food is what separates our program from other wilderness therapy programs. Holistic Food is food in its’ original state as found in nature: unprocessed, without additives, and without any artificial enrichment or fortification. Diet is imperative for healing and detoxing the body from processed foods and other unnatural chemicals.

Ranch Holistic Foods Kitchen

At Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy, meals consist of carefully planned menus that are nutritious, tasty, light enough to carry and safely preserved to reduce spoilage. We include local, organic, whole and fresh foods and our menus are planned by a registered dietician.

Ranch Holistic Foods

Health foods in a healing wilderness environment go hand in hand and compliment each other to have maximum impact on our students. Students are taught the importance of what they put in their bodies as well as the side effects of not getting enough of what their bodies need to optimally function. This creates a chance for change.

Ranch Holistic Food Table Setting


Sample Menu