Wilderness Therapy Programs

Wilderness Therapy Programs

It would be hard to imagine too many people that have not experienced some sort of pressures leading to stress, anxiety or even some level of depression at least once in their lives. With the huge number of negative influences seemingly enveloping our youth and young adults in today’s society, it is unfortunate that many of them do succumb to the pressures placed before them.
If the symptoms brought on by these pressures are not recognized at an early stage, the results can be damaging. Attempts by these individuals to deal with these symptoms on their own can potentially lead to harmful consequences such as; acting out, substance abuse, over eating or other self-destructive behaviors. At Rites of Passage NW, our wilderness therapy programs are specifically designed to help these young individuals overcome these issues.

Taking a ‘rites of passage’ approach to all of our four phased programs, our students feel confident and empowered moving forward to reach their treatment goals.

Wilderness Therapy Programs

They learn to understand that it isn’t just about stopping certain behaviors but adopting a healthier lifestyle. By taking responsibility for their past actions and understanding the effects those behaviors may have had on those around them, gives them the ability to see where they have been, where they are at present and envision where they want to be in future.

Working with our trained and experienced on staff counselors, therapists and nutritionists as well as our qualified wilderness guides, our students become better individuals. They will learn to communicate effectively, work in a team environment and discover they have the skills and abilities within themselves to overcome many of life’s obstacles.

At Rites of Passage, our wilderness therapy programs treat the whole individual. Whichever program our students graduate from, they leave with the tools, confidence, self-reliance and most importantly, the support to take on and deal with the challenges of daily living. Contact us today at (800)794-0980 to learn more about our programs, and to sign up today.

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