Wilderness Therapy Programs in Washington

Wilderness Therapy Programs in Washington

Those few lucky people that have had the unique experience of spending time camping, hiking or backpacking in the remote wilderness of Washington State might be able to describe in words exactly what that was like. Then again, their relaxed nature and the smile on their face may just say it all. Words used to describe this place and experience may include; peaceful, quiet, serene, vast, exciting, beautiful and even therapeutic. These descriptors were of course a large part of the decision for us at Rites of Passage NW to make this the base for our wilderness therapy programs in Washington.

Wilderness Therapy Programs in Washington

At Rites of Passage, we offer a host of therapeutic options for youth aged 10-17 and young adults aged 18-30 suffering from a wide range of emotional and psychological challenges. These challenges may include, drug or alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, obesity just to name a few. Our unique wilderness therapy programs offer these troubled teens and young adults the safe, stable and supportive environment needed to make the necessary changes toward a healthy lifestyle.

Our programs include:

– Wilderness Therapy Trek Programs

– The Ranch Long Term Care Program

– Obesity Health & Wellness Camp

By having our students get away from the negative influences and chaos of everyday life they can begin developing new behaviors. The wilderness provides our students with a place to relax and focus on their goals of treatment. In this environment, they will be able to face their problems, accept responsibility for their actions and gain a renewed respect for themselves and those around them.

Each of our programs consist of four phases.

Taking a Rites of Passage approach our students are encouraged to use the skills within to overcome the daily challenges they will face and empower them to start making good decisions. At Rites of Passage wilderness therapy programs in Washington, our multi-leveled therapies will help the individual not just the diagnoses.