Wilderness Therapy in the NW

Wilderness Therapy in the NW

It is quite easy for those struggling with emotional or behavioral issues to become overly dependent on others. A parent may feel they are being comforting or understanding as they cater to a troubled child’s every need or whim. But are they helping the situation or hindering the healing process? Friends even, unknowingly at times, may actually be part of the problem and not the solution. Often providing a negative or condescending influence to the friends emotional or behavioral issues. It is important for the success of any individuals treatment that they definitely have a system of support prior, during and following treatment. Any sense of dependency a student may be using to continue with poor behaviors or choices may be shed when enrolled at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy in the NW.

Wilderness Therapy in the NW

At Rites of Passage NW, we exchange that perceived dependency on others for a safe, supportive healthy environment. By teaching our new students some basic hard and soft skills upon their arrival, we prepare them for the many experiences they will encounter on their daily wilderness expeditions.

Throughout our wilderness treks and adventures, our students will understand they are responsible for all their choices and actions. They will be taking care of their own shelter, meals and navigation. They will learn to communicate and work with others to overcome the daily obstacles placed in their path.

Through our unique empowerment approach to our therapies, students will discover or re-discover their own strengths and abilities to overcome the challenges they have faced and will face as they work their way to a happier, healthier style of life.

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