Wilderness Therapy For Young Adults

Wilderness Therapy For Young Adults

Programs starting at $29,900

With Rites of Passage wilderness therapy programs for young adults, good kids making bad decisions have the chance to enjoy a program that is tailored to their unique needs and the stage that they are at in life. What this does is help to nurture their strengths while helping to improve on weaknesses. If you have a son or daughter going through a difficult time, we have programs that focus on professional intervention balanced with academics and team building skills in a natural setting.

We offer unique programs in the Northwest for troubled teens to get the help that they need to grow and obtain the life skills that they need for success in life. We have a nationally recognized program that features specialized intervention services that act like a catalyst for struggling teens to enjoy positive change.

Rites Of Passage Philosophy

We strive to exceed industry standards when it comes to the therapeutic outdoor programming that we have to offer. Rites Of Passage works to empower participants to enhance decision-making skills so that they have the ability to forge healthy relationships while working with both individuals and families. We offer a unique wilderness experience while staying in line with the highest standards today for individual attention and safety.

Physical and emotional safety of all participants is paramount for our entire staff and we stand by the “build them up” philosophy and believe that good kids making bad decisions have the right to treatments that allow them to build and grow. We bring together psychotherapy and adventure education to generate change, never relying solely on physical challenges to do so. It is important to us that we offer an innovating approach to treatment and focus on the individual as well as their family dynamic.

Our Participants

You can count on Rites Of Passage Wilderness Therapy to be there for you as we customize a plan to your unique needs while addressing your struggles. We have worked with a variety of clients in the past who have been through attachment or adoption distemper, depression, low self-esteem, legal issues, use or dependance disorder and abuse, anger management, poor decision making, unresolved trauma histories, and so much more.

What Is Adventure Education?

The natural setting that the wilderness provides is optimal for adventure education. We bring our participants a program that helps them to learn about relationships and personal growth while presenting them with goal-setting, achievable challenges, and working on processing their experiences while in a group setting for team building. We have developed wilderness therapies made to address depression and stress reduction as well as options that stimulate the brain. This gives participants the ability to process their emotions on a much higher level. On any given day during treatment our participants are involved in activities like mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and more. These activities are all used to help incorporate all five of the senses while encouraging our participants to strive to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Family Focus

It is important to work with participants and their family members to strengthen bonds. We understand that there can be elements of the past that need to be addressed, so we have developed family interventions that work to foster important family bonds.


Simply contact our admissions staff by calling (800) 794-0980 or filling out our simply online form to receive a free consultation. We would love to talk with you about your child and what we can do for your family. If we seem to be a good fit for your needs, we would send out an admissions packet and discuss a time to come for a tour of our wilderness setting.