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Skipping school can cause a variety of issues for the student involved and the parents. Sometimes schools and truancy officers will come after the guardians as punishment for the student not attending. Going to school is an important task your teen or pre-teen has, and it can wear on you all when there’s an issue. Rites of Passage provides wilderness therapy for truancy (skipping school) to help motivate your child and help find a good path for them to be on.

Good Kids, Bad Decisions

The certified therapists here find that, in most cases, good kids are making poor decisions. This leads to their truancy more often than not. However, getting to the root of their decision making is key. With the state-certified program we provide, we can easily find ways to help them cope with social situations and get back on the right track.

What Does It Look Like?

While some may envision military Bootcamp, wilderness therapy is different. With a four-stage approach, we can help teens, pre-teens, and young adults to develop a variety of skills to help them for life. From learning to communicate with others, cooking and sheltering in the campsites, and taking quiet hikes to self-reflect, they can learn to deal with challenging stressors as they come along. The participant also experiences family therapy and guided interactions with their peers to handle various social situations.

Discover more about our options for wilderness therapy for truancy (skipping school) by calling one of the therapists today at (800) 794-0980. Allow us to help guide you and your student on a path to success for their future.