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Adults have typically learned coping mechanisms to deal with change more quickly. No one really likes to change, but those skills are there to help you move forward. What about for your pre-teen or teen? When it comes to a big move, friends going away, or whatever the case may be, they may act out because they aren’t sure how to cope. That’s where the Rites of Passage wilderness therapy for loss of school or friends can help.

No matter what age, such loss is hard to handle. Take a look to see how our team may be able to help your child progress through the loss with a positive outlook:

How It Works

You may have a picture in your mind of drill sergeants yelling at your teen to get up and move. This is not how wilderness therapy works. The team here works with your teen throughout all phases to develop a unique, personalized therapy strategy.

Each phase will focus on various tasks and skills to help your teen or young adult to move forward with their lives once they are through the program. For example, every person starts with a physical and mental evaluation that helps us better know where they are in the process. Learning to cope with changes, such as losing friends or changing schools, can help them handle big situations as adults as well.

We focus primarily on self-reflection, guidance led peer evaluations, and skills such as cooking, cleaning, sheltering, and more.

Talk with one of the certified therapists today to see if our wilderness therapy for loss of school or friends may be just the assistance your teen needs. Call the office at (800)794-0980 to learn more about the program and how we can help you.