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Dealing with the loss of someone close is devastating. This is especially true if it was unexpected. Even for those who know it’s coming, it can feel as if a part of you has been lost. That’s why so many teens and young adults can turn to make poor decisions when dealing with loss. If your teen or young adult has started making dangerous decisions or just needs help dealing with the grief, the Rites Of Passage wilderness therapy for loss of friend or family member may be the help you need.

Take a look at how our program may be able to help your young one deal with the loss of a friend or family member:


The first part of our orientation includes an evaluation of the physical and mental health of the participant. This allows our team to discern if they are able to participate in all the required activities. Your child then will go through orientation, adjust to the program and environment they are in, ask questions, and we will ascertain any skills they already have.

Other Phases

Each phase of the therapy is to help teach and train teens and young adults to learn coping mechanisms, make better choices for themselves, and learn how to face challenges as they come. It is also going to help them learn how to handle this huge loss they’ve faced without continuing destructive behaviors.

In our experience, good kids make bad decisions when they aren’t sure how to handle situations in life. It isn’t that they can’t stop, it is that they need assistance and guidance in learning how to rechannel that energy. That is exactly why the compassionate staff members onsite do what they do. They strive to help young people move forward with their life, making positive decisions to help them succeed.

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