Wilderness Therapy For Grief, Loss and/or Major Illness

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Grief, loss, and illness are major emotions that can be hard for adults to handle on their own. Imagine trying to cope with these ideas as a pre-teen or teen. Even young adults can have a hard time managing these difficult situations. This can lead to them acting out, start abusing drugs or even causing destructive behaviors to themselves or others around them. That’s why Rites of Passage offers wilderness therapy for grief, loss, and/or major illness.

By working with a team of compassionate staff members, your teen or young adult can learn ways to work through the grief or loss without becoming destructive. Great kids can get lost in these big emotions and turn to bad choices. Allow our team to help them learn coping mechanisms, skills and develop a plan to help them for their successful future ahead.

What To Expect

The very start of our therapy program begins with a complete physical and mental evaluation performed. This allows us to assess the participant’s capability to perform the daily physical tasks and establish their current coping mechanisms already in place.

Each of the phases of our four-stage process works differently for each teen. While we have a plan in place, each teen will experience it differently as it is catered to their needs. We work to diligently provide a place free of distractions and chaos while they get back to nature.

From self-reflection to group therapy and peer evaluations that a counselor guides, we can get to the root of the problem to help them move forward.

If your loved one needs help, don’t hesitate to call (800) 794-0980 today. We can discuss our program for wilderness therapy for grief, loss, and/or major illness to see if it’s the right fit for your needs.